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Written @ 2:13 AM
Mummy and Daddy,

Can I die?

Written @ 11:38 PM
She asked me to decide what I want.
I know, I am blaming myself for all these happening. Neglecting her, especially her fragile's feeling is really a huge mistake, and I not only do it once, but multiple times. Sometimes, I feel that I am really useless as her close one. Nevertheless, even with all these mistakes, I always want a lot of things from her.
I want her love.
I want her smile.
I want her care.
I want her support.
I want her touch.
I want her warmth.
I want her smell.

I need her...

I couldn't let go... I love her.

Written @ 9:02 PM
Today, I tried to communicate with her. Just wanted to bring everything back together, so I try to start conversation in order to warm things up. Unfortunately, the ice is solid. It's too cold. I failed, and she said she can't talk to me as everything is alright. I understand.

I just don't know what to do.

Written @ 2:33 AM
I just don't know what to do. It's funny that everything can change in a split second, no matter how much you love the person, or even why you love the person at the first place. Love become hatred. Friendship become cold. I just can't accept.

Written @ 12:46 AM
Since I got nobody to talk to, and to expressing my emotions kept in me, I gonna use this platform as a empty space to throw my emotions.
I can't believe that, I literary ruined my love life. Being loyal alone is not enough. Is it me that hard to control? Or I am really that dumb. Thinking back again, I am always the one that advice people bout their relationship problem. Well, now I can't even take care my own basket. Me myself once said love is pure and not complicated. It's the human that make loves complicated. Idiotic isn't it that now I am the human that make love complicated.

Written @ 2:37 AM
It Valentine's day! A special day especially for the couples.
There is once a question popped out in my mind before,
between Love and Family, which one come 1st or which one is more important?

In my opinion, love come 1st and love is important in our life. Without love, family won't exist. Without love, there will not be peace in this world. And most importantly, without love, there won't be me, you and all the people in the world. Am I right? 

So, people out there, appreciate love as much as you can. The love towards your partner, friends, animals, nature, the world and not to forget, our parents. Without their love, what are we today.

And for all the singles out there, this is not the day we mourn about our single life. It the day we celebrate love. Keep rockin. Staying solo ain't that bad too. 
More love, more peace! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

The naive heart that can't stop beating.

Written @ 2:04 PM
Yesterday, which is Sunday, I went for a trip to Kompleks Penyiaran Tuanku Muhammad, Senawang, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan ( RTM ) for a reality show titled "Pilih Kasih" on air every Sunday, 9pm to 11pm.

"Pilih Kasih" is a reality show in finding / lifting up talent across Malaysia with a concept to produce talented stars in acting industry.

And yea, I get to see them perform live in the auditorium. But, that not the main purpose we go there. Our main purpose is to see and watch how the tv crews perform their job in maintaining and succeeding the whole 2 hours show. I really amazed by how they did their job especially got 1 cameraman that holding the camera with 1 hand throughout the show walking here and there trying to find a suitable shot for the tv that we watch. The feeling is really different from live and from the tv screen. You won't know it until u watch it by yourself.
The show finish at 11pm and by that time, we get ready to go back Malacca. We drop by at Alor Gajah highway for supper and then reach my college around 2am. I reach my home at 2.45am. Tiring day aite.

The type of cameraman that I amazed but with bigger camera than the picture - It is called camera stabilizer if i not mistaken.

Till then, it really a nice experience for me.

A deer that just got into town.